Vendor: Game Cafe

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Located on the historic Independence Square, we are a family-owned, brick and mortar game store. We specialize in board games, card games, miniatures games, and tabletop role-playing games. Stop by and browse our collection, grab a snack, or borrow a table for some games!

-(from the store’s blog)

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Vendor: Sigil Kiss


A fan of bright colors and the creepy cute, Adelei Wade started creating apparel in 2013 as a means of showing off her designs in a new media. Her love of art didn’t start there; a semi-pro artist since her teens, she gradually improved her skills and established her own style with the help of her friends and community. Her love of all things cute only grew after staying in San Francisco and being able to see the BTSSB store in person.

In 2014, Adelei began an unfortunate decline in health that has resulted in multiple chronic illness diagnoses. That hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her art, even though that often meant working herself into sickness (much to her friends’ chagrin).

She has funneled her illness woes into exploration of the unusual sub-genre of J-Fashion called Yami Kawaii, and its more niche Menhera and medical kawaii. Many of her designs feature these styles as they resonate strongly with her.

Adelei hopes to one day expand Sigil Kiss enough to support her fully and continue to offer her designs to the world.

-from “about” , Sigil Kiss website

Browse Adelei’s designs ahead of time and get acquainted with her unique aesthetic on her website:

Vendor: SSaaCC Lunch

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SSaaCC Lunch food truck serves a soup-sandwich-cupcake combo lunch with a varied menu of fresh options. We’re thrilled to welcome them to the festival for the very first time this year! Look for the specific menu available at Cherry Blossom soon, but in the mean time, read more about this great local business on their website, and don’t forget to follow on facebook!

Vendor: Robert’s Sewing Nook

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Please welcome Robert’s Sewing Nook to Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time! This local crafter makes delightful hand embroidered crafts and artwork. Buy his work ahead of the festival on his Etsy store, and follow him on facebook!

Vendor: Lace Bunnies

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Lace Bunnies was recently founded and is the place to find cute everyday items, unique J-fashion accessories, and sweet-smelling luxuries. Two friends met through a love of J-fashion, particularly lolita, and discovered a similar love for all things cute, quality, and useful. Kristin handcrafts body butters, candles, lip scrubs, and more, while Madeleine crafts sweet, wholesome lip balms as well as pastel accessories to go with a variety of Japanese street styles. Kristin and Madeleine both have significant ties to the Kansas City j-fashion scene; Kristin founded the Frill by Invitation (F. B. I. for short) group which regularly hosts meetups for fashion enthusiasts throughout the year, and Madeleine is a moderator and head of the planning committee for the group. Madeleine has been wearing lolita for a number of years and regularly crafts accessories for herself in addition to those sold by Lace Bunnies. Kristin also has been wearing lolita and dabbling in cosmetic production for a number of years.

Vendor: Yoki

Yō·ki is a unique specialty retailer of cheerful goods, particularly Japanese-inspired items.  Our name – Yōki – is a spin on the Japanese word for “
cheerful.” We seek to provide unique and quality goods that can bring a little cheer and amusement!

Our store offer a wide range of cheerful mascot-branded products, featuring Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Totoro, Pokemon, and many Japanese anime characters, as well as whimsical office supplies and stationaries, tasty Japanese snacks and beverages, an extensive tea selection, popular beauty and fashion items, and more!

Yōki makes its home in Kansas City’s Historic City Market in the fun and exciting downtown River Market neighborhood.




Vendor: Build Up

Located in Independence, MO – We are an Import Hobby store focused on Models, toys, tools and other related items.