We are working with a number of community sponsors to help fund the festival this year and we are excited to share more information about them here. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at independencecherryblossomfest (at) gmail.com.

Sponsor: Synago

Through cross-cultural support and training, we help organizations and individuals relate to the challenges of working in new cultural settings.


Pace Bicycles

Founded in 1979 by Mark Pace, we serve enthusiasts from all over the greater Kansas City area, the US, and the world.

We are open primarily by appointment: phone 816-461-7433 or email at pacebicycle@sbcglobal.net .

We sell and service ‘conventional’ bicycles of all types, for all purposes– and, also tandems, triplets, trikes, and recumbents–including tadpole recumbent tricycles.

Our custom ‘one-of’ bikes are usually made with new, currently-produced, sometimes ‘state-of-the-art’ frames; but sometimes with old, classic, even ‘antique’ frames and/or components. We have an extensive, unusual, and varied inventory of vintage road, track, ATB, and touring bikes, frames, wheels, and also parts–including some NOS (new old stock) parts by Campagnolo, Simplex, T.A., and many other famous makers from Europe, USA, and Japan. We cater to our customers’ wants and needs, and recommend whatever best provides the most reliability, performance, and comfort — which often is neither “the latest” nor “period correct”.



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The nation’s leading truck manufacturers and dealers have trusted TruckMovers to move their vehicles since 1983.

Whether you need to move one truck or a fleet of thousands, our team will ensure your vehicles are transported safely and efficiently.


Recognition Plus

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Customizable awards, engraving, and apparel.


Ennovation Center

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The Ennovation Center is a 28,000 square foot business development incubator housing two distinct business specialties: a shared commercial kitchen space and a business and tech area featuring dedicated workspace, offices, office suites and production labs.


Puppetry Arts Institute

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The Puppetry Arts Institute (PAI) is located in a 3,000 square foot, handicapped-accessible building in the Englewood Arts District of Independence, Missouri.

The Institute includes a research library, puppet performance and workshop areas, in addition to museum space and offices. Our museum displays include an International Room, Hazelle Rollins Room and changing exhibits area featuring a different theme twice a year.

PAI offers interactive puppet making workshops using parts from the historic Hazelle puppet factory. Workshops are designed to suit the requests of youth, school groups, seniors, daycares and family groups.

PAI schedules monthly puppet shows bringing in professional puppeteers both local and from other states to perform, using a variety of styles of puppetry.


Polly’s Pop



Local historic soda bottling company, re-opened in 2016 after nearly 50 years on hiatus. Welcom back, Polly’s Pop!